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*   Daily, hundreds of Executive Outcomes Group members put their trust in us to provide solutions that help      them wherever they live or travel, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

*   Through our worldwide network of assistance centers, clinics, and health and logistics providers we offer      local expertise, preventative advice, and emergency assistance during critical illness, accident or civil      unrest. With over 10000 group employees working in 70 Countries.

     We work in partnership with businesses, governments and non-governmental organizations and offer      international standards of medical care.

Strategic Implementation

Scope of Service

Sugested Intervention

Contact us

Contact Us

Establishment of Internal Stability

National Disaster Management

Training of Close Protection Units

Provision of Medical clinics


Country Background:

* Internal Stability problematic due to   militant  Muslim extremist ‘ al-   Shabab”

* Lack of international trained Anti-   terrorism and Intelligence Units   have a detrimental effect on c   counter terrorism operations.

* Tourism affected negatively by the   militant extremist terrorist attacks

*   In a global economy, business travelers head to     volatile and unfamiliar destinations daily.

*  International SOS and Control Risks have joined    forces to provide travel security support giving    your travelers, expatriates, and internal risk   management teams access  to best-in-class   security information, advice, tracking and  on-the-   ground support

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